1130 Music Group

Now & Forever Vol. 1 is the 1st album to be recorded by the rap trio 1130 Music Group that consists of Vic Bell, Mike Lowery and T.WILL$. With Vic Bell as the producer of every track, he brilliantly creates a sound that captures the listener, taking them on a journey to help create the ultimate listening experience. On the opening track “Catch Flight” Mike Lowery and T.Will$ trade rhymes back and forth showcasing a perfect example of how both Emcees compliment each other unique styles. Tracks like “Take Me To The Sky” has a vibe that is laid back with a touch of R&B to keep the ladies groovin! Now & Forever Vol. 1 is that perfect rap album that you can play from beginning to ending without skipping one song! For a chance to stream the album Now & Forever Vol. 1 By 1130 Music Group click here