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With so much of your favorite artists music available for free, you may ask who is T.Will$? Why should I buy an album from him priced at 100 dollars? Let me put you at ease by stating that these are very valid questions, however, insiders would argue why wouldn’t T.Will$ share this secret as an exclusive item for just 100 dollars? Although the idea is inspired by The Late Nipsey Hussle, it is less about generating money and more about providing an artistic artifact that has practical value!

The Album Unsung is an artistic expression that embodies the lost art of storytelling . Imagine yourself being able to sit back, close your eyes, and and just picturing every scene of a story that the emcee is spitting about! This type of Art form is becoming nonexistent with an exception of just a select  few! Emcees like Nipsey Hussle, The Notorious B.I.G  and Tupac, were very cinematic in their music. They had the ability to really tap into the your mind and put you at every scene or setting!

Unsung is laced with some badass beats that will arouse and power up your listening experience! Over each track T.Will$ spits a crisp, shameless, hypnotic flow, while still dropping gems and jewels with a message meant to encourage you to reach your goals. The Album Unsung is not for fans of  Rappers but fans of Emcees.

The production on The Album Unsung is unique and authentic. This means you will get a bright and refreshing sound that is like no other unlike much of the auto-tune Trap Style you hear today.  The Album Unsung is the 1st of its kind, it is not only innovative, it is a small introduction to The New Wave of Rap Music,  Unsung is a Concept Album that makes complete sense, if you skip ahead you could miss something.

Although there will be other Rap Albums released by Twill$ that will be on ITunes and other streaming platforms, The Album Unsung is a secret item only released through the twillsmusic website. This Underground Treasure is meant exclusively for insiders and is not intended for everyone to own personally.  So click the order button now to discover a epic listening experience of a life time.

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Once you download your digital copy of Unsung if you don’t like it, then just email me and i’ll give you your money back. I’m taking a big risk by doing this. I can’t make you give me the music back. I can’t get the atoms back off your computer when you get your digital download of “Unsung” so you  could just order the music, ask for a refund and rip me off, but im going to trust that you’re not going to do that to me…


  • Unsung (Chopped and Screwed version)
  • Unsung Lyric sheets for sing alongs
  • Free Music and other gifts from future projects!