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In today’s Hip Hop, you would can easily argue that most of what you hear in today’s rap is full of shit. If you are a classic Hip Hop Head, you are more than likely one of the one who miss the times when a emcee put truth and authentic lyrics in their raps. Authentic Rap Music gave you a feeling that made you say this style of music is like no other. Your favorite rapper more than likely had the ability and talent to make you feel exactly what they were talking about whether it was excitement, pain, or pleasure. In a time where everyone in rap sounds the same, the incredible T. Will$ is a breathe of fresh air and is the exact opposite of what you hear today. The unbelievable single “Float” throws the rock of truth in your ears. As Will$ raps, you can hear the passion oozing from his voice and heart with lyrics that will pierce your soul to the core. This is one emcee you will appreciate. Originality, style, flow, and grace are all the things that T. Will$ has. T. Will$ keeps fans like you in mind when he spits his lyrics. He also understands that fans like you don’t care about gimmicks. You care only about music that is great and thats why you fell in love with Hip Hop in the first place! For a very limited time, T.WILL$ is giving away his remarkable single Float. This is a rock solid song that will make you realize Real Rap Music never died but more of a underground gem meant to be discovered BY YOU. Don’t miss your only chance to discover this never seen before secret treasure that will only be available for a limited time. To get the breathe taking single Float click here NOW before this offer goes away for good

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