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Every great rapper is inspired by another great artist for me, part of the reason why I wanted to pick up a mic was because of the Hot Boys. Being that one of my favorite Hot Boy$ is currently incarcerated doing a 14 year sentence, I decided to send The Living Legend B.G AKA B.Gizzle a letter to let him know how much he has been an inspiration for my music career.

Dear Gizzle,

My Name is Terrell Wills and I am from Pascagoula, Mississippi. I’m writing to let you know that you are one of my favorite rappers from the south. I grew up on your music and I especially like the albums you created with the Hot Boy$. I have all 3 albums but my all-time favorite is the Guerilla Warfare project. I really like the flow that you put down for the song Help, I have always been a fan of your music, even when you decided to leave Cash Money Records. As a fan, I thought It was heartbreaking to see you guys split up, but as a businessman I understood why you made the move. I think you have a lot of dope interviews on YouTube and I admire how you rose from the streets of New Orleans to become a mega rap star. I also admire how you were able to overcome all of your struggles with heroin. I constantly listen to your music and even till this day I can still feel the sincerity and truth you put in the music you created. One of my favorite solo albums that you recorded was the Chopper City in the Ghetto project. I still can remember when I was in high school how me and my cousins would ride around in his old red blazer listening to The Heart Of The Streets, as well as Life After Cash Money. I’m also sorry to hear about what happened to your friend Soulja Slim he was definitely a great talent as well. I think you are one of the most talented rappers that the south has ever seen and I also feel like you don’t get enough credit for what you help create for Southern Hip Hop.

Your music has inspired and motivated me in many ways. You are part of the reason why I wanted to become an emcee and represent the south as well. If you have a chance to look up my website you can find free music available at

My music is Defiantly inspired by you as well as a lot of other Southern Emcees. It would mean the world to me if I could get some feedback from an Original Hot Boy. I pray you return home safe so you can continue to create more music for fans like myself. I know God will see you through the storm and I pray you keep your head up. Signing out

Terrell Wills

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