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You’ve given up on rap music, you were once a HUGE  fan of Hip Hop until it became more and more about rappers trolling about drugs, money they don’t have, and bitches to get to the top. The only reason you still like rap music today is because you only listen to the classic albums of the emcees who had  a real flow, real lyrics, and a original style that was never before seen. You miss the golden era days when MC’s had something to say and it felt like they were speaking directly to you in their raps. You probably even feel let down by the way today’s rappers approach the game. You feel like no matter how many times you listen, the new styles of today just don’t make sense to you no way now how.

Think about all the new rap music that’s out today, does anyone talk directly to you? Do they give you stories that feel like a movie when you hear it? Do you hear any raps today that speak about real life like the golden era of Hip Hop did? Since you don’t that means you grew up, you are wiser, and you figured out that today’s rap is strictly for the kids. You want to discover a refreshing sound and a dope emcee that can excite you without the gimmicks and trolling. If you don’t solve this problem, you will pay the cost of slowly  losing your passion for listening to the music that was once authentic and a true art form you love.

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