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Unsung (Chopped and Screwed)

If your ears can’t stand hearing weirdo rap… if you hate wack raps that lacks authenticity.. If todays Hip Hop is not true to what you grew up on… then this message is just for you. Here’s why…


a good sign meaning you love Real Rap Music. you care about it. you want it to be better And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…


What most people do to escape the over saturated mumble/weirdo rap era is….

  • Listen to Old Hip Hop Songs They already heard But still love.
  • Reminisce About How Dope Rap USED TO BE
  • Try to explain to kids what Classic and timeless Hip Hop Is

But for most people, none of that works. And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You eventually realize you have to spend too much time searching through the trash just to get to something that sounds decent.. so you then decide to STOP DISCOVERING DOPE ARTISTS ON THE RISE….


I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: At first I only recorded music for my ears only but after seeing a surprisingly positive reaction and feedback from strangers who heard some music I released. I decided to begin my journey of building a indie rap empire… But it didn’t always start out that way, here’s what I mean.…

It was one of the most exciting times of my life when I thought I landed a shot to be a part of the ROC NATION ROSTER. One week after graduating from USM (University of Southern Mississippi), I received a text from a consulting company that I subscribed to saying they could help get my music to some of the music industries top A&Rs. I figured if I could have the right A&R hear my music, they would want me on their label.

After debating back and forth in my mind about if the text was real or a scam, I decided to contact the number that was available in the text. After about 2 rings a man by the name of Kells answered. I politely told him that I was interested in meeting an industry A&R to have a chance to be signed to a major label.

He told me “it’s not that simple sir, first we have to like your music and MAYBE we will give you a call.” After telling me there are no guarantees, he asked me where can he find my music. I told him where he could find my music, he said okay, and we hung up abruptly. Afterwards I said a quiet prayer to the heavens above for favor. I prayed that they would find something interesting in my music that would make them want to do business with me.

After I said a prayer, I tried not to wreck my brain about it and let it go. A few weeks by and I decided to take a new job which did not allow me to have my phone at all throughout the day. From time to time I wondered if I actually had what it took? Will they ever call me? Will I ever get my one Shot?

Unbeknownst to me, Kells from the consulting company had been trying to contact me. I did not know this because the new job I took did not allow us to have our phones. It was about 6:30 pm when my cell phone rung from an unknown number. Usually I don’t answer those calls but I decided to that day.

On the other end I heard “Hello, is this the rapper T.Wills? Immediately I got excited “YES, it is who is this?” The man answered ITS KELLS!! My heart began to pump at a rapid pace. Kells stated that a man named Mr. Bernard was interested in me. They collectively agreed I had a lot of talent, Kells called Mr.

Bernard on three-way, Mr. Bernard told me I would be speaking to him from that point forward, he let me know that he had an audition set up for me with LENNY S. Lenny S was a man who went from a street promoter to a Music Business executive working alongside with the great Jay-Z. He also helped Jay Z with his albums. I got a rush thinking about how much more polished I would become being around Lenny.

Mr. Bernard asked me If could get a flight to New York to meet him in Manhattan? I said yes, he gave me all the details and sent me a contract that had to be signed. It basically stated that if I were signed to ROC NATION that they would get a finder’s fee. I agreed to the terms and sent it back immediately.

Just knowing that I could possibly be on the same roster as Jay-Z or J Cole was enough to keep me on edge. I constantly filled my mind up with a life of being in recording studios, meeting beautiful women, seeing large amounts of money and rocking a multitude of people with my lyrics. I was overcome with excitement. To increase the probability of being signed, I studied every interview I could that Lenny S had on YouTube.

I wanted to pick his brain for as many key points that would make him take a liking to me. One of the key things he stated in every other interview was “People have to either want to be you, or believe you.” I put together an elevator pitch and practiced it in the mirror.

Leading up to the audition, Mr. Bernard stayed in contact with me and I appreciated it. He helped keep my mind at ease because I often worried if this opportunity was real. Mr. Bernard gave me a lot of secret jewels on how to conduct myself, how many songs I needed, and advised me not to speak unless I was spoken to.

A few weeks went by and I began to prepare for my trip to New York City the Hip Hop Capital of the world. As time got closer I received even better news. Lenny S would be in Atlanta and Mr. Bernard asked me if I can make it there for my meeting instead. I told him yes. I was ecstatic because Atlanta was a lot closer than New York. This meant I could save a lot more money because I just paid them $2,000.00 to meet Lenny and I was broke. I felt as though God was on my side and nothing was going to stop me from being the first Mississippi artist for ROC NATION.

On the day of the audition I was a nervous but still confident, my brother and I rented a car from Enterprise and started on our way to Atlanta Ga, the meeting was at 11:30pm. On our way there, we talked about how we were about to blow up, we talked about all the money we would see and how much better life was about to be. on the way we listened to J. Cole “Forest Hills Drive” repeatedly. I fell asleep on the passenger side thinking of the future…

When we finally got to the studio, I was greeted by Mr. Bernard.I was excited to see him and he instructed me where to wait and he was going to call me when Lenny S was ready. Although the meeting was supposed to start at 11:30pm, we waited until about 12:35am. While I was waiting I became anxious, and nervous but my brother helped me to remain calm. Finally, they called my name and I walked into the room.

There he was Mr. Lenny Santiago, He stood up with a great big smile and shook my hand. I thought to myself its really him, I can’t believe this, here is the man who worked on all of Jay Z’s albums and was affiliated with Def Jam. In my mind I said to myself this is it, I am here, I have arrived!

Lenny S asked me what was I hoping to accomplish? I said I want to be apart of the Roc Nation Roster. I gave him all the reasons as to why I would be a good fit just like I practiced in my elevator pitch. He said that’s great and proceeded to ask for my music, he popped the cd in and said “let’s see what you got!”

Mr. Bernard reminded me not to talk unless I had been spoken to and I did as I was told. I thought Lenny S was a cool guy. He was down to earth, polite, and spoke to me with the utmost respect. He played they entire demo, track 1-5 and did not skip one song. Mr. Bernard whispered to me that being that he did not skip anything it was a great sign that he liked my work.

Once the demo was finished, Lenny S told me that I had the potential. Also complimented me on my ideas of the songs and my flow. He said my music sounded polished and my lyrics sounded rehearsed and crisp. However, he also pointed out that I should simplify my hooks, he went on to tell me that if you want to make it in the business and sell songs you have to make a simple hook people can catch on to quickly. He told me they were not simple enough. He explained to me that today’s rap fans enjoy simplicity.

After giving me a few more pointers, he then gave me an email address and a number, he asked me to continue to send him more music. After asking me if I had any questions I politely said no, we shook hands he took my music and we went our separate ways. I went home and began to send him more music and call the number but to no avail. Days went by, then Months. I heard nothing back each time I sent music or called the number. I continued to send him more tracks however I never got a response. I began to feel angry, and a part of me was discouraged.

After some time of thinking, I realized failure is what dreams are made of.  I felt like I should take the advice Lenny S gave me and create my own indie empire, then the enterprise Cash Flow Dynasty L.L.C. was formed. Since then a non stop work ethic has been implemented to reach for the stars. I learned that life is about stepping stones. You take the lessons from your failures and turn them into triumph. I had to  learn about persistence, perseverance, and a reminder that it takes more than talent to reach the top.

I also thought about Jay-Z’s story and how he was turned down by EVERY LABEL. Then I reflected on J. Cole’s Story. I thought about how Cole tried to give Jay Z a demo of his music but was denied. Then he triumphantly won a spot on the Roc some time later. The moral in those stories are to never give up….

Although in the beginning I wanted to be signed to the biggest rap label. I found more inspiration in indie rappers like E-40, Master P, and Nipsey Hussle who taught everyone by saying fuck the middle man…lt’s a blessing to put out art independently with no restraints or chains to hold you back. If you want an authentic artists that is inspired by many yet stands alone with a style of his own click the order button below to order Unsung.



Here’s what my style of rap is doing for me…

  1. Giving me joy by being able to create freely.
  2. Allowing me to connect with like minded Rap Fans
  3. Providing a more income by turning rhyme flow into cash flow.

But its not just me…..This music is benefiting others and giving them value……..


Unsung (Chopped and Screwed)

 Hi, Just checked in to your album Unsung and listened to the the game’s best kept secret. You have AWESOME music….Good stuff, you sound great!
Particularly in a land with so many other great artists, you’ve managed to keep going strongly;…………You must be staying’ out of the rain! – Mike, Australia, Sydney


your “Pockets Full” is my favourite. i’m just absolutely speechless about it. please keep up the brilliant work, its people like yourself that keep the music alive! – Chris, New York, New York

 Hi! Received a recommendation about your site and all and was dropping in to see and listen! Wow! I have added The Game’s Best Kept Secret to my favs. – Jordana New York, New York

Thank you for sharing your talent… I feel blessed to know you in this life…Keep your music alive… It sounds great and I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the world….i can honestly say your the best thing i’ve ever heard. listening to ‘THE GRIND’! so i thought id check out your other stuff and it is amazing.  Will, United Kingdom, Largs

 Hi, I so happy I found your site.. I love what you are doing here, your songs are very good. Keep up the good work.Excellent site, I love the recordings as well. I love the the hostile takeover. – Helen, United Kingdom, Isle Of Arran

 Great recordings. Really enjoyed your music and had to get more. Take Off My Clothes is amazing track. You’re far too talented not to share what you can do with a vast audience and make a living from it – I believe that ability shines through and that you’ve got plenty… – Adolfo United Kingdom, London


Ayla – Hi! Found your site on here and glad I did! Listened to THE GRIND, fantastic feeling – hope you go far – you deserve it! Don’t give up!

Hi, I just bought all of your amazing songs! do you also have any merch for sale? perhaps T-shirts – Amy Tennessee, Clarksville

  Random surfing brought me here, and your music will bring me back. I’ve only listened to ‘The Hostile Takeover’ so far, it’s one of my favorite songs. All the best! – Jenny, Washington, Seattle

 I love your music!!, you truly talented seriously… I like Count That Money, added to my faves here! Claudia Australia, Brisbane

i will tweet your music as often as i can  means daily! im speechless … absolutely amazing music..i really like the songs you put in the musc list especially The Grind. –   Tim, United States, California, San Francisco


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