You can’t buy this forbidden album unless you swear never to reveal it to anyone else.




You are reading a letter I never thought I would write.

However, the number of messages from insiders giving excellent reviews about the music I’m doing is insane!  And requests to purchase Cash Flow  keeps growing and growing…..

And with good reason…..

The Jewels in this collection has proven to be one of the dopest and most powerful Hip Hop experiences you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

I know lots of emcees claim that, but here’s the deal….

Once insiders got a taste of this unique, raw style and flow, folks started catching on. (Most of whom was close minded and didn’t want to hear my flow) were emailing me within a few days talking about how hard I go….and how they was glad to get the dope I been cooking.

The funny thing is…..

NONE of these people expected this music to ride, or to be anything worth investing money into since I am independent.

In fact, some expected that this style of rap was all about cars, jewelry, drugs, and fast women.. Some just didn’t wanna hear the story about the boy who grew up in Southern Mississippi.

And ALL OF THEM had some level of doubt before they invested into the sounds of T. Will$

But after that first listen, all the doubt about my skills on the mic SHATTERED!


When I decided to record music, I never would have thought I would connect with so many different strangers. I wanted a group of men and women to SHOW AND PROVE to the haters of T. Will$ that Dope Hip Hop/Rap Music is still Alive.. Because I’m in it… When the proof is in the pudding, you Ain’t gotta say you going hard in the paint.

And in the end, this is what they have to say……..

Your music is Very beautiful and simple but most of all innovative and unique. All the big ticket artists could learna thing or two from your stuff. – Tamara,Massachusetts, Boston

Hey, ran across your website while looking for recommendations. I really like your songs! I’ve put you on my playlist for good. Thanks for the great music! Take care….. I enjoyed your music. I hope to listen to your new tunes here soon. Stay safe, believe these days will pass! – Roshana, New York, Bronx

Hi! This music rocks of what ive listened to so far keep up the work and keep trying maybe those dreams of going more into the public will happen….I especially like “gutta wayz”. Mui, New Zealand, Auckland

Great music, I just found out about you tonight, just in time for me to add all your stuff to my collection for listening next week.Thanks for making such amazing music. – Dan, Ohio, Kettering


Hi, I just bought all of your amazing songs! do you also have any merch for sale? perhaps T-shirts – Amy Tennessee, Clarksville







If you’re still reading this letter, chances are “YOU BLEW IT” and IT’S TOO LATE!”

HURRY UP and click the link below and pray to God you haven’t missed your window of opportunity yet.

There are no second chances, YOU WON’T FIND THESE HIDDEN GEMS ANYWHERE……

This entire collection Is not available on Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, Or Anywhere Else… 

Once these fifty three copies sell out – THAT’S IT

Look… Folks going from not even wanting to hear my flow, to messaging me about how much they enjoy my art… IT’S CRAZY….. you about to become one of the insiders…so GET READY for one of the dopest rap experiences since the golden era of Hip Hop……

If you don’t want to take advantage of this now, YOU WILL regret it.

So there’s only one thing left to say..

Yes T. Wills I Want My Digital Copy of Cash Flow for 10.97 

I am looking forward to hearing messages from you soon. I’ll expect pictures along with where you are from to be sent to so I an continue to prove to the haters that I Am, in fact, adding value and making a difference in music fans lives… Cheers to your success and to you discovering these gold bars….

Welcome to Cash Flow

T. Wills

P.S. Not only are you going to be happy about with Cash Flow but the friends you share this music with are going going to be thrilled with the changes thats making way in Hip Hop. Just knowing only fifty three more people in the whole world are going to get their hands on this rare gem should make you reach for this link right now.

Yes, I Want My Copy Of  Cash Flow. 


P.P.S Remember, all the risk is on me 

Order your digital copy or buy the physical copy, listen to every single track . If you are not excited about why hip hop is still living today,  if in fact you don’t get a refreshing listening experience, or hear super dope flows and lyricism like never before, then I will refuse to keep your money just email me at  so I can get you your refund quickly…. I’m taking a big risk by doing this. I can’t make you give me the music back off your computer or phone when you get your copy of the music. You could just order the music, ask for a refund and rip me off, but i’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that to me…

Yes, I Am Ready To Order MY COPY Now!

Cash Flow is a must have for any body who is interested in discovering real Hip Hop. Get the entire collection from The Vault, go ahead and click the red order button  below. After you click the order button, you will pay and put in your mailing address so I know where to ship your cd’s to. Click the red order button below 


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YES…..T. Wills I WANT Cash Flow  ….and I look forward to getting your name, picture, along with where you are from sent to my email address 

I understand that the Cash Flow CD has limited copies… and if some reason my order is not selected, I will receive and immediate 100% full refund. 

I agree that if I am selected to receive the Cash Flow, that I will not disclose or republish where you got this music from that I discovered. 

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