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Ever since I could remember, music has been a big part of my family and house hold, I can remember as a child  being a snare drummer for my middle school band as well as singing in church choir. My mother would always play her music collection, which included of all the greats! names such as Whitney Houston, TLC, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Brown, and R.Kelly would always be playing as we would ride on our way home from school. Although I appreciated the smooth sounds of R&B, It was my father who really turned me on to Rap Music, he would collect the dopest tapes of that time, Rappers like Tupac Shakur, Too $hort, Ghetto boys, and Ice Cube would always be blasting through his subwoofers as we rode around in his red 89 Jeep wrangler.

I always enjoyed the music but there is one distinct day that I can remember that changed my life forever. It was the day I heard “Nuttin But A G Thang” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. This is the day where Rap Music/Hip Hop really took over my mind, body, and spirit. I was about 5 or 6 when Snoop Dogg’s Infections verse came on the tv screen. This was my first time ever seeing or hearing the song. When I heard the beat, I instantly began to bob my head and then I was amaze when I heard the smooth voice of Snoop as he rapped 1,2,3  and to the 4, Snoop Doggy Dogg and DR. DRE is at the door. After hearing the first two bars of his verse something literally clicked in my mind and I stated to myself  “I can do that, that’s what I want to do when I grow up”.

From that day forth I began to study the flows of other rappers. Emcees like Bone Thugs N Harmony taught me about being original, while The Hot Boy$ taught me to bring flavor and swag when you present yourself on the mic, T.I.P, showed me lyrics and delivery, Tupac showed me passion through emotion, and Master P as well as Jay-Z inspired me to become business minded. I truly became obsessed with Hip Hop Music, weather it was East Coast, West Coast or Southern Hip Hop I enjoyed it all. I read all the magazines, watched documentaries, and began to experiment with writing my own raps. When it was time for me to record my first song, I got butterflies hearing my voice playback on the loud speaker as the bass thumped through my headphones I said to myself “I want this forever”

If you are a true fan of Hip Hop and miss the days when talent reigned supreme on the mic then click here to listen to my latest album The Game’s Best Kept Secret!


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