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In Today’s Hip Hop there are many success stories of rags to riches, from nothing to something, and from the bottom to the top, However there is one success story in particular that is very special and is different among the rap artist that have come and gone throughout the years. One very special entrepreneur hailing all the way from New Orleans Louisiana is Percy Miller, AKA the Ice cream man AKA The legendary Master P. 

Percy Robert Miller born April 29, 1969 is an American rapper, actor, record producer, philanthropist, and former NBA basketball player. Master P came from the hard streets of New Orleans from one of the most dangerous housing projects at the time Calliope Projects. As a kid Percy realized how poor he was and how he always would be hungry. He realized he had to get out of poverty so he worked hard got a basketball scholarship and moved to California to get his business degree.

When the infamous label No Limit Records started it was stationed as a Music Record store in Richmond California. The Idea of No Limit came from his grandfather who always told him over and over there is No Limit to your potential. His grandfather always had emblems of tanks laying around from his days in the Military. Percy noticed at the time there was a lack of Hip Hop being provided in other record stores, A smart business man always looks for a solution to a problem and thats what exactly Master P did.

With the Idea of starting a record store Master P purchased a small building using $10,000.00 that was given to him by his grandmother from his grandfather’s death. He then began to set up his store and provided the local community with Hip Hop, Percy stated that every once in a while he would kick a rhyme or two even while customers were in the store. After awhile people would begin to say “What Album Is that on”?? From that point forward Percy decided he would record music and take on the name “Master P” because he would master anything he put his mind to. He would get visits from West Coast Legends like Tupac and eventually was asked to come on the road with him.

Although Master P was on tour he was not yet a big hit. No one would play his music on the bus and Master P recalls once that while him and his brother Corey Miller were on stage performing and only 1 person out of thousands was rocking with him. Master P stated in an interview “I don’t know if this guy was drunk, crazy, or high but he was acting like this was the best music he ever heard, I said I am going to turn that one person into millions”. After putting in hard work he finally got a call from Jimmy Iovine, from Interscope records the only offer at the time. P was ecstatic.

Meeting with Iovine of interscope records did not go as planned. Master P was offered a $1,000,000.00 contract however right as he was about to sign the dotted line, he read in small print that he would be signing over his name, logo, and rights to his music. To calm himself he asked told Mr. Iovine before I sign this let me eat lunch. Iovine said to him” if you don’t come back you will never get a deal in this town again.” Master P thought about it and after lunch decided not to sign the contract. As they are flying back home to the projects Percy and Corey almost got into a fight, after minutes of arguing Corey asks “why would you not take the Million? We have nothing!” Master P asked his brother “If this white man will offer me $1,000,000.000, how much do you think I am really worth??” Corey turned around and left him alone.

Master P did more research to better his music business he got in touch with Micheal Jackson’s lawyer but it cost $25,000.00 to meet him. He scrapped up the money and asked him whats the best deal that an artist can get in the music industry? The lawyer said the best deal an artist gets is 25% which is what Micheal Jackson had. Percy then asked is there anything better? The lawyer says yes the 80/20deal where he pays for marketing and takes 85% of the sales proceeds and the Parent label only gets 15% for distribution. Master P took this knowledge and went to work building a buzz and eventually doing a 80/20 partnership deal with Priority

Since then Master P recruited acts like Mia x, C- Murder (Corey Miller), Silk the Shocker, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Slim, and one of the greatest production teams ever Beats by the pound. They helped Master P and the No Limit Brand sell over 75 million records banking him well over 100 million dollars. Master P also went on to play in the NBA for two different teams. Master P had a contract with in the late 1990s with the Charlotte Hornets during the 1998 pre-season, and the Toronto Raptors in the 1999 pre-season. Master P did not play for either team after the end of each pre-season. He also played in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) for the Fort Wayne Fury and the International Basketball League (1999-2001) for the San Diego Stingrays. In 2004, he played for the ABA’s Las Vegas Rattlers and Long Beach Jam. He took part in the 2008 McDonald’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and scored 17 points.

Master P is one of my personal inspirations and I wanted to honor him through my site because it seems to me like he is overlooked in many ways. I can still remember as a kid how I would be cutting every neighbors yard because I needed money to buy the No limit Music that was out whether it was Snoop’s Dogg’s album or Master P’s Ghetto Dope, or C- Murder’s Life or Death, I had to have it. I hustled so much just to go to Walmart to get the clean version of Master P’s music because my parents wouldn’t let me have the version with Parental Advisory sticker on it. This went on for quite some time until my father in a angry tone says “Don’t you buy another damn Master P Record, He got his, you get yours”. He was right, so from that day forward I begin to work on my own music. One of my personal affirmations that I say everyday that is inspired by Master P is THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE THINGS I CAN DO, THERE IS NO LIMIT TO MY SUCCESS. Saying this daily is very empowering it gives me the feeling of I truly can accomplish anything with the Man from above’s help. Because I am a fan of Master P and his independent No Limit grind it has inspired me to put out music on my own as well. For 100% real music and To hear the the inspiration and motivation that was inspired by Master P click here to hear the album Unsung


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