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Shell-Shocked – Shocked or confused because of a sudden alarming experience.

What can cause a soldier to be Shell Shocked? Some of our beloved war veterans know first hand that this comes from combat stress and is a Post tramatic stress disorder. Shell Shock was thought to be caused by soldiers being exposed to exploding shells leaving them with fatigue, tremor, confusion, and nightmares. This is a serious issue that many are to this day still suffering from. However there is another type of combat stress black males are suffering from everyday. It is the Shell Shock from the lack of protection, righteousness, and integrity of the Justice system.

McKinley Phipps, Jr. who was born July 30, 1977  better known by his stage name as  Mac is a former Unsung No Limit Artist who began his journey as a rapper as a 13 year old kid releasing the album titled The Lyrical Midget under the stage name Lil Mac in 1990. The album also included legendary producer Mannie Fresh who would go on to produce many hits for Cash Money Records. Lil Mac would later join the Psychoward, a New Orleans group consisting of more than 28 MCs. During the pivotal time, these group of MC’s were seen as New Orlean’s 1st Wu-Tang Clan. They separated themselves by focusing on their style on  lyricism and a sound rather than building their style on the typical New Orleans Bounce, Hustler, and Gangster sound. The group was popular among the local Hip Hop scene especially to those who preferred and alternative to the usual New Orleans Style Bounce Music. 1997 they dropped their album www.Psychoward.Com. One Review quoted “In a time when hip-hop has been taken over by Jewelry & violence, this album is refreshing. Hailing from New Orleans this crew understands what music should sound like. Standout tracks include but are not limited to “As the World Turns”,”Fo Really” and for an added touch, see both versions of “Psychoward Muhph*kas”. The production is handled by “The Tribunal” a Trio that consist of Blaknificent, E.F. Cuttin’ and Raj Smoove. If you are looking for skillfully crafted beats & rhymes, this is your album.” With a group with more than 28 MCs Lil Mac managed to stand out among other unsung talents. Lil Mac would later reject an offer to move to New York and sign with Def Jam Records. Lil Mac Decided to change his name to Mac and through the connections of the unsung, Unlady Like Diva, and Queen Of The South, Mia X, Mac signed with The Colonel Master P’s No Limit Records.

On July 21 1998, Mac released his second solo album and first with No Limit, Shell Shocked. By choosing to focus on a mainstream direction he was successful and went on to sell over 400,000 copies. The album was produced by Beats By the Pound peaking #11 on Billboard and #4 Billboard Top R&B/HipHop Albums. In 1999 He released his 3rd Solo album World War III, and recorded an album with the 504 Boys called Goodfellas, as well as an unreleased album Beware Of Da Doggs from the group Tank Doggs, that featured group members among Mac, as well as wrongfully convicted Corey Miller, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, and Fiend. Mac, now a No Limit Soldier finally escaping New Orleans a place known as the Murder Capital of the world managed to make it out without a criminal record, and no troubles with the law. With his 1st born son on the way, Mac was climbing his latter to success as a No Limit Soldier, that was until he himself was Shell Shocked.

On February 21, 2000, Mac was scheduled to perform at Slidell, Louisiana nightclub Club Mercedes, but a fight broke out before the show. Following a broken bottle, a gun shot went off Mac along with everyone else duck down and got on the floor eventually making there way out the club. Realizing his Mother and Father were still in the club, he rushed back in to the club to look for them raising his gun in the air however not firing a single shot. Mac along with His Father McKinley Phipps, Jr who is a military war veteran found a young man who was a 19-year-old Barron C Victor, Jr shot they were initially told he was ok but when police came knocking on Mac’s door later that evening arresting Mac for murder they discovered the young man had died. Witnesses testified that they saw Mac with a gun an assumed it was him who shot the young man. Despite the fact he had no gun residue on his hands and the firearm that he had that night was not fired because it was just bought prior to the incident Mac was still convicted. Mac had just purchased the gun and did not even had a chance to fire the it. How does a man get convicted for manslaughter, sentenced to 30 years in the state Penetatry for a gun THAT WAS NOT EVEN FIRED?? Prosecutors wrongfully used Mac’s lyrics to convict him despite the fact he has never had a record before his conviction and continues to have a clean record while he is serving time. At the time Mac was only 24, tried before an all white jury with none of them under 40. Furthermore even after the actual shooter came forward to confess, shockingly he was released. It was stated that his story does not match with what happened (according to police). Meanwhile Mac is left in a cell Shell Shocked, confused because of a sudden alarming experience. Mac is still one of the greatest No Limit Soldier in my eyes and my heart goes out to him for the wrong that was brought upon him. I pray his conviction is overturned and him along with Corey Miller can be released and reunited with their family.

Mac is a big inspiration for me. Him along with many other rappers gave me the courage to pursue my music. If you are a fan of Mac or any of the No Limit artist that made us all fall in love with rap then click here for my latest inspiration Unsung.


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