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Music is a powerful force, it has the ability to inspire, motivate, and tap into a person’s heart and soul. Music along with the perfect rapper can make an audience or listener feel happy, sad, excited, or triumphant. For me, the power of Hip Hop inspired the desire to add a contribution to its soundscape. Artist like Nipsey Hussle, Lil Wayne, Tip, Tupac, and Jay-Z were instrumental for me to reach my aspirations.

I can remember after the release of Lil Wayne’s Carter album how excited and anxious I was to hear the music. I can remember the day I tore the plastic off the cd case to open it up just to read the booklet that contained the artwork. Once I began to listen to the music, I was amazed at how good Wayne’s delivery and flow was. It seemed like he was effortlessly reciting his lyrics over the production of super producer Mannie Fresh. I remember saying to myself “this is dope, one day I am going to create music that will help shape the HIP HOP culture.”

I always had a dream to create something of my own that will have people cheering and listening to it for years and years to come. Albums like Juvenile’s 400 Degreez, Tip’s Urban Legend, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, and Lil Wayne’s Carter Series all represent a time in Hip Hop where talent would overshadow and shatter the weak emcees with no talent. I would always think to myself “one day I am going to create something that will have a great impact on the Hip Hop culture.” Inspired, I began to spend more of my personal time in recording studios. I began to work on my delivery, practice my timing, and work on my raps, all the while experimenting with different speeds of my flow. I became obsessed with rapping and wanted desperately to become a powerhouse in the Hip Hop world. My vision is to help bring all people together through the way I Rap, which stands for REACH ALL PEOPLE.

If you listen or like artists like Tip, Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle, and Jay-Z or just a fan of great Hip Hop, then you may want to check out my latest album The Game’s Best Kept Secret. It’s a reflection of all the rappers that I am inspired by and I pray it’s something you can love and accept.

To listen to The Game’s Best Kept Secret Click here.


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