Remembering Hip Hop’s Beloved Legend Nipsey Hu$$le

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3/31/19 marks the day a True King in Hip Hop took a fall from grace due to envy, jealousy, and pure evil. To myself and the rest of the hip hop world it was big a shock filled with much disbelief. Nipsey Hussle whose real name is Ermias Asghedom was only 33 years old when he was brutally gunned down in front of his infamous Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey’s passing showed the world that no matter how much God, goodness, talent, and greatness that one may possess, there are still people out there who are unable to see greatness in themselves and are willing to harm anyone that they themselves did not have the discipline to become.

One day that I am personally grateful for is the day I first heard about Nipsey Hu$$le. I can remember the first time I begin to listen to his music due to a random man who was sitting in a barbershop back in 2012. We were all waiting to get a fresh cut when the barber began to strike up a conversation about rap music and who he personally enjoyed listening to. Legendary names came up such as Tupac, The Game, and Jay-Z as well as a few Southern Legends like Tip, Trick Daddy, and Lil Wayne. Suddenly a man who had been quiet the entire time comes out of nowhere and says “If yall want some good music, then yall need to listen to “Nipsey Hussle”. I noticed no one responded to his comment including myself however, I thought that the rapper he had mentioned had an interesting name.

After leaving the barber, I drove to my lady’s apartment, Upon entering her building, that name “Nipsey Hussle” rang in my head once more. When I got inside I remember kneeling near her bed pulling out my Iphone and typing his name in the search box on the Itunes App. I saw the album Nip Hussle the Great Vol. 2. which I would later find out were songs from his critically acclaimed Mixtape The Marathon, and The Marathon Continues. I remember pushing the purchase button without even knowing who this artist was! I honestly just thought the artwork was really dope! Once I listened, I was captivated by his beat selection and some of the things he was saying as he rhymed. I also started going on YouTube to see what he talked about in his interviews. To much of my surprise, his thoughts were not just centered on Money, Cars, Clothes, and Hoes but more on owing assets as well as your intellectual property.

Nip spoke on this idea called The Marathon. My interpretation of this idea was no matter what trials and tribulations you may face, keep pushing until you reach that Victory Lap. From that day forward, I closely began to follow his movement and continued to download more of his older catalog of music. He was/is a major inspiration and motivating figure not just for my music career, but in life as a black male in general. Being that one of my personal hobbies is reading, It was also a shock and uplifting to hear him talk about the literature he reads. Most rappers besides Tupac never talk about books and that really touched me to my core. It showed me he was more than a MC. Some of the books he suggested that I found very empowering to my thoughts were Contagious by Jonah Berger, The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, and 3 magic Words by U.S. Andersen.

I reflect back to the summer of 2018, my job wanted reward me for all my hard work and wanted to do something nice for me. They wanted to send me to Amsterdam for a few days however, I knew Nipsey Hussle would be performing in Atlanta around that time for his Victory Lap Tour. I asked them to purchase me tickets instead and they did. Seeing him live in concert was such an inspiration, It was also captivating and very motivating. I remember being in awe of how he had his merch table set up upon entering the auditorium and it motivated me to become more business minded as well.

Although I never personally met this man, I felt he was truly exceptional not just in talent but as an advocate for young men and women who are running there own marathon to success. I would like to send my condolences and dedicate a song I wrote called Heaven to him. I pray Elohim forgives you for all your transgressions and may your soul Rest in Paradise/Heaven 4ever. RIP HU$$LE MAN. To listen to the song Heaven from my latest album Unsung click here.

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