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As a way of saying THANK YOU for your support, I want to offer you a gift Straight From The Vault “Bundle Set”. The “Bundle Set” includes the 3 part mixtape series entitled Cash Flow. These are private projects that were kept in confidentiality. By you ordering the “Unsung Bundle Set” for just $27.00, as a gift you will get the T.WILL$ freshly recorded gem Now & Forever with the Rap Trio 1130 Music Group FREE OF CHARGE along with the Unsung E Book FREE OF CHARGE! The Unsung Bundle Set is a jewel straight from the vault! This will be your first and unfortunately last opportunity to own the entire T.WILL$ private collection.

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Here is a recap of what you will get with the the Cash Flow Box Set

  • Unsung E-Book (Bonus Free Item)
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow II
  • Cash Flow III: The Trillogy.
  • Now & Forever Vol.1 (Bonus Free Item)
  • Future Sneak peeks & recording sessions!!
  • Free Music and other gifts from future projects

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