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In the world of Hip Hop music there are a countless amount of emcees that are hungry for the top spot. Hip Hop naturally brings out the competitive spirit because it inspires the emcee to be the greatest. Once you step into the ring of Hip Hop, you have to prepare yourself for the fight of your life.

When you are first starting out in the pursuit of Rap, you will always meet great resistance. Examples include DJ’s not wanting to play your music, people not being open minded to a new style of rap, and shows not packed out. Whatever the challenge you endure, the one thing that will separate the winners from the quitters is unwavering perseverance. However it takes more than perseverance, it is essential for an emcee to brand themselves in a way that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Hip Hop is such a big movement that within the culture it has Subgenres that defines it’s own specific style or way of life. Examples include Trap Rap, Gangster Rap, Mumble Rap, Melodic Rap, Swagg Rap, Conscious Rap, Gospel Rap, West coast Rap, East Coast Rap and Southern Rap, and Country Rap Tunes. Whatever Rap you do emcees/rappers tend to categorize themselves in one of these specific genres. Although all rap tends to fall in one of these categories, T.WILL$ Music falls into NOT ONE OF THESE SUBGENRES OF HIP HOP. This is how one of many ways T.Will$ music is different, and unique in comparison to every single rapper in the game. T.Will$ is in a league, category, and genre of his own called Trealism.

Trealism is an Aesthetic Art Movement that displays the quality of representing rap in its True form while giving the authenticity that represents a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life. One of the main elements of Trealism is using theatre of the mind to increase, heighten, and enhance the listeners imagination to get a full understanding what is taking place in the story or art piece. An example of this is displayed on the intro track of the album Unsung. As the album opens, we see a story unfolding between a barber and one of his old time customers. The two men talk casually, making jokes back and forth to one another until the Master barber asks what music new music has his customer been listening to, from there, the epic sounds of T.Will$ takes over. Unsung touches ALL layers of life, rather than keeping the sound and subject matter one way. T.Will$ dives into a creative pool of concepts to keep your interest high through his marvelous story telling. The song Cold Dark Night, Unfolds like a tragic play written by Shakespeare. This song is a parable to how lies, sex, temptation, and murder can come into a play when trust is broken in a friendship. Another example of modern day Shakespeare tragedy written by T. Will$ is illustrated in the song Ride Clean. The song tells the story of a young black male being harassed, and violated by a racist white cop. After the cop violates the drivers rights and finding out in fact the driver was riding clean, (No Illegal Substances) things take a turn in the wrong direction abruptly.

Unsung is a cinematic artifact that uses music, rap, and theatre of the mind to tap into every emotion a human being can possibly experience. The album touches on subjects that include tragedy, fun, sex, and spirituality. Unlike most artist that tend to stick to one subject or sound, The album Unsung is Trealism because it is about tapping into every layer of the human life experience through music, lyrics, and theatre of the mind to create a cinematic experience. Unsung not only falls under Trealism but it Is considered to be a the 1st Album labeled under Gulf Coast Hip Hop. Gulf Coast Hip Hop/Rap sound is a fusion between west coast funk and southern Hip Hop. This style of style of Rap will be the new tsunami in Hip Hop as T. Will$ Soul Surfs on the track all the way to the Top. For a chance to stream the first Album under the genre of Trealism. Click here


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